Project n.1

I  just love life, even if  it is not always easy. Sometimes things don’t go as we would expected. I don’t want to cry and give up when such moments come.  Looking back over last year I feel I could do better. In many areas, in many ways.  Learning English is one of them.

So, this is my little project number 1learn English better. Well, in fact, it´s a huge project for me, because it is not easy to write in different language than I am used to, but I am sure it is helpful to me.

So, why “little projects? I desided call this blog  “My little projects” just because  I live my life as best as I can. In spite of this, sometimes I feel overwhelmed as days go by and I see me – “stay at home mum with two children currently seeking for job” and their dad and my husband constantly on the move – well, we see him on weekends, thanks God for it.  But still  I like life and from now when comes any good thought, idea ar activity that can move me forward in useful and meaningful way even if it seems  just “little”,  I want to give it at least a try.  Even small steps forward count.

I know I am on the beginning.  But, first step is often the hardest.  And I  have just done it.